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We are proud to announce: Returning Soldiers Speak is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit public charity organization! We have been on a long and arduous journey since 2010 and have finally arrived at this crossroads. So, what does this new status and title mean for Returning Soldiers Speak?

It means that we continue to do what we have always done: support and empower our active duty, veterans and their families to use the power of language and story to tell their stories to us so that we may begin to understand what it means to serve in the military.

It means your contributions to Returning Soldiers Speak will now be tax deductable.

It means we are eligible to apply for grants to fund our programs. We are proud to say that we have submitted our first grant proposal to the California Humanities program. Veterans Write A Play is the title of the proposed project. Hopefully, we will be awarded funding so we can venture into new territory: playwriting.

Let us know if you have an idea for a project that fulfills our mission or know of an organization that funds non-profits like Returning Soldiers Speak. We welcome your suggestions.

Thank you for your continual support for Returning Soldiers Speak. We look forward to what our non-profit status brings to all of you and our newly founded organization.

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Leilani Squire

Leilani Squire

Leilani Squire is the Founder and Director of Returning Soldiers Speak. She was born at Tripler Army Hospital in Honolulu while her father, Grant R. Squire, was deployed on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Okinawa during the Korean War. She is a writer, creativity coach, and since 2010, has been working with veterans and their families to help them tell their stories.

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