A Veteran’s Letter to Santa

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Dear Santa,

Please forgive me for not having written in a long, long time. I joined the Navy right out of high school and that took me away from home, and country, for some time. The reason I am writing you now is that my country, America, has just committed the most colossal blunder of its history; we have installed via the Electoral College—not popular vote—a man named Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. This is no lie, so please, no coal in my stocking!

This has angered me, because as a veteran, I take it as an insult when people disrespect my fellow veterans. On several occasions during the campaign, Mr. Trump made disparaging remarks about Senator John McCain’s service in Vietnam. And our Vietnam veterans suffered terribly, first from the war and then from the atrocious treatment they received when they returned to America.

Carrying the level of disrespect to a new low, he also made disparaging remarks about the family of an American soldier killed in action, Army Captain, Humayun Khan, who happened to be Muslim as well. His mother and father spoke at the Democratic National convention, speaking against Mr. Trump’s statements to ban all Muslims from entering the country, and then, like a teen on Twitter, he in turn disparaged them, disrespecting the memory of their fallen son. As far as I am concerned, disrespect to one veteran is disrespect to all. And to this date, Mr. Trump has not apologized for any of his remarks.

I think my country was angry so people voted in anger, though I haven’t yet figured out the reason for that anger. My personal experience has shown that decisions made and actions taken in anger do not work out well.

I am also concerned for my fellow veterans under Mr. Trump’s tenure, as he will be able to choose the person of his choice to head the Department of Veterans Affairs. This scares me because although he has been selected President, his behavior is that of a petulant child who has just been told “no” for the first time in his life. I make no request for myself, but for my country, my fellow veterans and my fellow Americans.

Please Santa, for Christmas, bring Mr. Trump some humility, compassion and empathy, qualities which he appears to be lacking based on what I have seen of his behavior. Either that, or peace in the Middle East, whichever one is easier for you.

Many thanks, and wishing you Merry Christmas,
Kenneth Klemm

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Ken Klemm

Ken Klemm

Ken Klemm is a veteran of the United States Navy. He is an alcoholic writer, which may be redundant. After a 30 year journey through the bottle, he attained sobriety with the help of the West Los Angeles VA, where he also returned to writing thanks to a Creative Writing class facilitated by Leilani Squire. He currently resides in Oregon.

3 Comments on “A Veteran’s Letter to Santa”

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    Crisp, clear comic brevity and sharp satire, Ken. Excellent editorial tone, skewering serious subject matter with wit which rises above the national nastiness while slapping a deft and apropos label of childishness on the behavior of the tweeter-in-chief-elect. Congrats to Leilani Squire and RSS for giving such a voice this venue. May God shed His Grace on our fair republic in 2017!

    1. Leilani Squire

      Yes, I agree that Ken writes about serious matters with wit. For me, this makes his writing accessible and provocative at the same time. And thank you, Andrew, for your kind words about me and RSS. We appreciate your sentiments very much indeed! Have a good one and I hope you continue to read the blog posts on our website. By the way, would you consider contributing a blog post in the near future? I think your voice, which is a really good voice, would be an asset to this endeavor. Thanks again!

  2. Leilani Squire

    Thank you for helping me understand-even if only a little-what a veteran may be feeling and thinking about his or her fellow veterans during this holiday season. I respect your respect for your fellow veterans, which is very clear in your letter to Santa. You state why you are angry; you don’t just write in anger or about anger, which doesn’t help me understand your point of view, and your perspectives are very helpful to me. And you definitely have a point of view that is expressed clearly, and as usual with your writing, cleverly. It’s always good to laugh now and then. Question: Has Santa answered your letter? I hope so because I would love to hear what Santa has to say about all of this. And thank you for bringing a little holiday to our blog. It’s much appreciated.

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