"The kind of experiences found on these pages won’t be encountered in backyard banter at a neighborhood picnic. They are personal, powerful, sometimes humorous and shockingly truthful in their gritty detail." - Donna Walker, bookscover2cover.com

“The high price that warriors pay for America’s commitment to war is evident on every page of this fine book. I thank those men and women for making the effort to tell their stories in this excellent, hard-hitting book."- David Wilson, Vietnam Veterans of America Books in Review II

About the Book

Returning Soldiers Speak--An Anthology of Prose and Poetry by Soldiers and Veterans is a moving collection of prose and poetry written by veterans of the military. Their stories and poignant, sometimes excruciatingly humorous, personal experiences span history from WWII to the Cold and Vietnam Wars, to the conflicts of the Persian Gulf and Iraqi Freedom, and even to little-known clandestine operations in remote corners of the globe.

Written by veterans of every branch of the services, each writer has answered the call to defend and protect human values both great and small. To walk a moment in their shoes is to share in their hopes and fears perhaps even to grasp from the comforts of our homes a better understanding of life itself. Their piquant insights, times of mortal doubt, and their reckless courage inspires wonder, a sometimes uneasy gratitude, but a lasting sense of national worth within each of us.

Dedicated to the men and women who have worn or wear the uniform of the Military
....and In remembrance of Lee Mingh Sloca